Light touch


It is the longest day in the northern hemisphere, the turning point of the year. From now on the nights start drawing in.

But for the time being the sun rises well before I have to get up and it is still light as I write this at 10pm… So why on earth have the moles started digging up my lawn again? Surely they are creatures of darkness and dank holes. The daylight should discourage them. I’ve got better things to do with the extra hours than shovel piles of dirt off the grass and wonder if soon the garden will collapse into their massive excavation.

What are moles’ natural predators? Can I introduce some as a biological deterrent?

4 Responses to “Light touch”

  1. 1 TonyG

    Jasper Carrot?

  2. 2 Andy in Pitheavlis


  3. 3 Drew

    “From now on the nights start drawing in.”

    We’ve been here before Alex, in fact you first introduced me to the concept: Analemma.

    • 4 Andy in Pitheavlis

      Actually the nights don`t start drawing in a for a few days/nights. It`s the sunrise being later that shortens the days for the first few days after the Summer Solstice. A check of sun rise and sun set times for the next week will show that (at least the times in the Dundee Courier show it!).

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