Generation games


My eldest niece had a baby at the weekend. The first member of the next-but-one generation to arrive in the family. This makes my mother a great grandmother, which is impressive. It makes my brother a grandfather, for which he seems too young (but I shall give him Werthers Originals for his birthday anyway). And it makes me a great uncle.

For some reason I feel that I should grow a moustache. That is what great uncles should have – a moustache and a gammy leg.

This evening I joined a merry band of middle-aged folk for a session of supervised physiotherapy. It is called “Back Group”, for people who have suffered back problems and who want to improve something called ‘core stability’. I was probably not the only great uncle there.

After three sessions, my back is feeling good, but judging by the fusillade of clicks whenever we bend our knees, we will all be continuing our acquaintance at “Knee Group” and “Hip Group” over the next few years.

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