Olympics parked


My Olympic dream is over. I gave up trying to buy tickets this morning. As a last resort I was attempting to get seats at the men’s Handball and the 5th/6th and 7th/8th matches in men’s Water Polo. The web site was predictably overwhelmed and there is a limit to the length of time I can sit around pressing “submit”.

I’m don’t know anything about Handball or Water Polo except that they are basically the same game played under different environmental conditions. But I really, really wanted to see something at the Olympic Park and that was all that was left.

A couple of weeks ago I decided not to bid for a seat costing nearly £1,000 at the closing ceremony. I didn’t need to see the Olympic Park that much.

I’m very disappointed. For the last seven years I have watched the Olympic venues take shape as I passed the site on the train every week or so. It has been like watching a very long time-lapse film. Each time I passed I glimpsed a bit more progress and during the dry winter I wondered if the grass would ever grow in the middle of the warm-up track.

Yesterday I was in the train again and it all looks very smart indeed. The grass is lush, the toilet pods are installed in a ring around the stadium, the marquees are pitched, the fast food concessions are being branded and the non-Visa cash machines are being disabled. All it needs is a crowd of enthusiastic sports fans and some finely honed athletes.

Apparently many of the corporate sponsors still have tickets left… I’m sorry but I will not offer publicity on this blog in exchange for tickets, because corporate sponsorship deprives genuine fans of the opportunity to attend… Just in case you were thinking of offering me something.

6 Responses to “Olympics parked”

  1. 1 Andy F

    I think I’m only one step a ahead of you, the only tickets we have managed to secure are for a mens Handball quarter final. 11.00 am in the morning, so we will console ourselves with having gone and experienced the Olympics.

  2. 3 Sarah

    Rowing finals (hopefully Katherine Grainger finally getting her gold) and women’s hockey heats for us. All for the princely sum of £320 including return train travel from Perth.

    Finally a positive side to being married to an Englishman and having free accommodation in the South East 🙂

    • Sarah – I’m jealous. Rowing is similar to water polo in some ways.
      I’m glad that being married to an Englishman has turned out to be worthwhile. 🙂

  3. 5 Simon

    I admire your perseverance in continually trying to get tickets. I personally got the hump and gave up after the first ballot where I managed to secure none of 10 tickets I applied for. I spent the money on a new TV instead, which I suspect will give me a much better view and a much larger spectrum of events to watch, albeit without the atmosphere.

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