Mess match


The city authorities in Jerusalem have announced a scheme to use DNA profiling to identify the perpetrators of dog fouling in the streets. They intend to take a saliva sample from all the dogs in the city, creating a database of canine DNA and details of the dog owners. DNA samples will be extracted from dog poo in the streets and the dog owners will be fined.

I’m sure that Watson and Crick will be pleased to know that their ground-breaking discovery of DNA is being put to such a good use, but I can’t help feeling that collecting DNA samples from stinking heaps on the pavement is actually a worse job than just shovelling it up.

The authorities acknowledge that they will only be able to get saliva samples from 70-80% of dogs in the city… I think I can predict which 30% of the canine population will be making the mess.

Meanwhile let’s have a bet about which local council in Britain will be first to follow suit.

2 Responses to “Mess match”

  1. 1 Andrew

    Given the sorts of stuff dogs eat, would you really be able to identify the dog that did the doo? You might end up identifying the meat consumed, or who ate next doors cat!

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