When I heard that 6.5m passwords for LinkedIn had been posted on the web I logged on and changed my password.

Then I looked on the website to find a reassuring statement that they had improved their security and my new password was not vulnerable to hacking…. It took a lot of searching, until I found a link to their blog at the bottom of the page.

I am now reassured that my new password is salted as well as hashed.

For further reassurance I have made sure that I have a different password on each and every website I use…

I didn’t have time to do any other work today.

2 Responses to “Pa55w0rd”

  1. 1 ann

    Hope you’ve written them down! Oops – is that the wrong thing to say?

  2. 2 Drew

    All in a handy list taped to the side of the monitor?

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