Hot air


It was a very warm, sunny afternoon. Five minutes into the meeting the fire alarm went off. We dutifully trooped out down the stairs (because it was ten past five, I grabbed my bag and my car keys – I still remember the day there really was a fire at 5pm and everyone left the building without their bags and car keys, expecting to return in 15 minutes to gather up their things and go home… the firemen let us back in at 9.30am the next day).

Together with all the other people in the building we crossed the road to the car park. Everyone commented how much more likely we were to get hit by a car than burnt.

We reconvened our meeting standing in a huddle at the back of the car park. It was quite pleasant in the late afternoon sunshine. We dealt with the most important matters informally and swiftly.

20 minutes later we walked back into the building past a fire engine full of bored firemen. The twentieth false alarm of the day, probably.

The meeting concluded with a quick final discussion around the table. We finished our cold cups of tea and left.

I am planning more meetings in the car park. It just works.

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