Keeping up with email


I received an email from someone called Elsie Ladner.

“If somehow your nether rod has lost its rock-like strength in „excited-mode‰, you need a blue caplet to save you!” She said, breathlessly.

Nether rod?! I imagine that this is something used by a Dutch fisherman. Excited-mode? Sounds like an option on a games console controller, although the punctuation is eccentric. A blue caplet? Makes me think of Shakespeare for some reason (a mash-up of ‘cape’ and ‘Capulet’ maybe)… I have to assume that these are euphemisms successfully designed to thwart my vigilant spam filters.

Perhaps I have received an email from Elsie before, I can’t remember, so I don’t know if she always uses such metaphors. Anyway, I’m pleased to know that recent English graduates are still able to find work as copywriters.

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