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Almost home


Back from the southern hemisphere in time for Easter, I spent the weekend in a bleary haze. My body clock was somewhere in the Middle East. Physically I was at home. Advertisements

Snippet 1 Australia is a friendly place. At Sydney airport this morning all the announcements seemed to start with a cheery “Hello everyone!…” rather than “Attention please!”, and people call you “Mate” in a non-threatening way (as opposed to the British variant: “Listen, mate…”). Snippet 2 Isn’t it about time that hotels sorted out how […]



Here I am again in the southern hemisphere. The journey doesn’t get any less tiresome and I won’t be here long enough to bother trying to get over the jet lag. At least it is good to visit a place where they have plenty of rain. No hosepipe bans here. I’ve never seen it looking […]