Historic announcement


The train arrived in London.

“Welcome to London, home of the twenty twelve Olympics,” announced the Voice at Liverpool Street Station.

When I first heard this, a couple of weeks ago, it made me smile. I imagined hearing it every few minutes all day for the next 128 days. No wonder the workers at the station look so glum.

Every city should proclaim its significance with a similar reference to an historic event. Once the Olympics are over I hope that Liverpool Street will greet me with “Welcome to London, home of the sixteen sixty-six fire”. To preserve staff sanity and educate the general public the message could be varied frequently with a roll call of historic occasions.

I’m going to start lobbying for Norwich station to welcome me to “the only city to be excommunicated in twelve seventy-four” and the tiny station at North Walsham to be proclaimed “home of the thirteen eighty-one brutal suppression of the Peasant’s Revolt”.

I can sense a new social movement emerging – “public heritage broadcasting”.

What announcement would you like to hear in your town?

2 Responses to “Historic announcement”

  1. 1 Graham

    Welcome to Norwich, where only last week a train arrived from London on time.

  2. 2 Paul M Smith

    Welcome to Norwich, a UN designated literary centre.
    Presumably, upon entering the city, we will all be searched for publications which may be deemed to degrade such a status by an multi-national guard wearing blue helmets.

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