Today was a day of two halves. More specifically it was a day of two halves of the two different suits that I wore to the office.

I could claim to have got dressed in a hurry, but I didn’t. It was a normal day. I got dressed at the usual pace. Had breakfast. Went to the office. Attended two meetings. Walked around the office and talked to a few people. Left the office. Did a bit of shopping. Drove home.

It was only when I took off my suit jacket and found the clothes hanger already occupied by my suit jacket that I realised I had spent the day wearing a blue pinstripe jacket with grey non-striped trousers from another suit.

I looked foolish but no one had said anything. I can only assume that everyone in the office is very polite or that they were not at all surprised by my sartorial misadventure. Or they just don’t pay much attention to me. None of these explanations gives me much comfort.

4 Responses to “Unsuited”

  1. 1 Andy Lochhead

    The advantage of a mirror by the front door – last minute check for the right jacket with the right trousers, toothpaste on your face, flies undone to name a few!!!

  2. 3 Andy, Perth

    Maybe they thought you were a trend setter!

    Is this the grown-up equivalent to students deliberately wearing different socks?

    • Andy, you may be right. Perhaps that is how trends are set. What other explanation could there be for people who wear pyjamas to the supermarket (for example – not me personally)?

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