Not the end of the world


If you are passing Salina, Kansas, you might be interested to look at some property for sale.

A former missile silo is being converted into luxury apartments. They cost $1 million each. For your money you will get 2.5 metre thick concrete walls, an apartment located up to 53 metres underground with use of an indoor pool, cinema and gym. There is also an underground farm which can supply the residents with fish and vegetables for as long as required and you will be expected to store 5 years worth of dry goods. Your apartment will have electronic ‘windows’ so you can choose your view.

The apartments are aimed at people who want to survive the apocalypse. Apparently there are up to 3 million Americans preparing for some sort of global catastrophe.

I’m not tempted. Imagine the scenario: the world as we know it comes to an end… you spend months in your underground hideout, eating hydroponic tomatoes, small fish and tinned rice pudding, covering miles on an exercise bike in front of re-runs of films you have seen before until you are driven mad by looking out of your electronic windows at a view that says “404 – Page Not Found”. You emerge into the settling dust and rubble of post-apocalyptic Kansas…

… And the only survivors are the sort of people who choose to spend $1million on a flat in an old missile silo just in case the world ends…and they are all armed.

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