Observations in Oz


Snippet 1

Australia is a friendly place. At Sydney airport this morning all the announcements seemed to start with a cheery “Hello everyone!…” rather than “Attention please!”, and people call you “Mate” in a non-threatening way (as opposed to the British variant: “Listen, mate…”).

Snippet 2

Isn’t it about time that hotels sorted out how to price wifi access?  Last night I was in a hotel where wireless internet access was free and unlimited for all your devices. Tonight I have to pay $20 and I can only connect my laptop. The room rate is almost identical and the paid-for connection is slower than the free one… I know where I will choose to stay next time.

Snippet 3

This hotel has a TV channel devoted to Audi cars. Everyone who drives one is beautiful, wears very nice clothes, looks as if they will shortly have sex with another beautiful person and spends a surprising amount of time driving across frozen lakes. This is not consistent with my experience of Audi drivers.

5 Responses to “Observations in Oz”

  1. 1 Mike S

    All very interesting, Alex, but what we really want to know is whether the bath-water goes down the plug-hole the other way….

    • I concur with Mike. I really want to know this as well as other interesting things about Australia.
      Hmmm. That comes across as very sarcastic, but it isn’t, honest.

      • Mike/Drew – I have been taking showers, so I don’t know about the bath water. I will ask someone.

        BTW – which direction is ‘the other way’. I didn’t make a note before I left Norfolk.

  2. 4 Graham

    I understand the monorail in Sydney is being dismantled, great shame.

    • Graham – I didn’t know that. I agree it’s a shame. But I’m glad I didn’t bother walking up the hill to go for a ride whilst I was there.

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