Floored logic


The other day I was standing in a tube train looking at the floor (as you do, in order to avoid eye contact) when it occurred to me that the floor covering would be ideal for a kitchen.

This is probably because I am middle-aged.

The flooring in a tube train has many admirable qualities:

– it doesn’t show the dirt,

– or it is really easy to clean (or both),

– it is amazingly hard wearing,

– it is quiet and probably absorbs noise,

– it is resistant to all known corrosion and staining,

– it is non-slip,

– it is quite comfortable to stand on (many floors share this quality).

I think that I am on to something here. I may start a trend for kitchen floor makeovers. Just like the person who decided that the laminated wooden floor in a squash court would be ideal for every new-build flat in the UK.

One Response to “Floored logic”

  1. Should you ever find yourself in the city of York and in need of a bit of refreshment, you could wander into the Yorkshire Terrier and, surreptitiously, examine the floor in the main bar.
    Having convinced yourself via visual and textural inspection that it is real wood you could look at one of the corners and discover that it is, infact, a heavy duty linoleum.

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