Mrs R. innocently asked me to answer some questions to help her on a training course. I naively agreed.

This evening she gave me a sheet of paper which read:

Write down:

1. Two things you like best about me.

2. Two things you would like to see more of in my behaviour.

3. Two things you would like to see less of in my behaviour.


I’ve written before about the psychology of giving feedback to your partner, but this one is really difficult. The “less of / more of” is particularly tricky – whichever way you answer it can appear as criticism.

I should have known better than to agree.

What would you write for your partner? (And still hope to remain on good terms).

3 Responses to “Guidance”

  1. 1 Mark


    Careful, play it safe, something like;

    2 things I like best about you : Your ability to read my thoughts; and; your sense of humour (you might need to rely on this one later)

    Then put the same, quite insignificant trait in both of the last two categories and ask if they can guess which psychological technique you are using….. (There isn’t one, but it might be the only chance you have)

  2. There is a song by the Bodyrockers called “I like the way you move” … has loads of suggestions for the likes!
    Bit light on the like less though 🙂

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