Getting ahead


On two separate occasions last week I saw individuals wearing top hats as part of their outfit. They were young people, one male and one female. They did not appear to be wearing their hats ironically. A week earlier I saw someone in a bowler hat, looking more Clockwork Orange than city gent.

Are we on the verge of a new age of hat wearing? It is long overdue. I know that we have seen baseball caps and beanies everywhere for years, but they are ‘unstructured’ hats. I’m looking forward to proper millinery making a comeback – the trilby, the fedora, the bowler, the topper, the homburg… the tricorn, the bicorn and the capotain.

Hats protect the skin from the sun. They are more convenient and sociable than umbrellas when it rains.  They provide somewhere convenient to store your mobile phone when you are sitting down indoors and not wearing them (although I’m sure that wearing a suitable hat with a mobile phone pocket could be a surprise fashion hit).

I’m tempted to get one. I have a head for these things.

4 Responses to “Getting ahead”

  1. 1 Andy, Perth

    Remember the old advertising slogan “If you want to get ahead get a hat”?

    • Andy – yes. I remember the slogan, but it never made me buy a hat. Does this mean it was an advertising success but a commercial failure?

  2. Is it wrong that I really want a top hat?

    • CER – no, not wrong at all. Very much the latest trend. Go for it!
      [Will this be an example of advertising succes AND commercial success?]

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