“Teenage dreams, so hard to beat…”


I was not expecting to meet Feargal Sharkey, former lead singer of The Undertones, at the mediaeval gate to Norwich Cathedral Close last night, but he was there and he held open the wicket gate for me as we exited into the night. We shook hands, exchanged a few words about the excellent band we had just seen and then we went on our separate ways, me with my walking stick and Mrs R and him with a spring in his step and a glamorous young lady, as you would expect of a former rock star.

This morning the teenagers and their elder sister were unimpressed as I recounted my brush with celebrity.

“It was Feargal Sharkey…! You know? The Undertones? Teenage Kicks… the anthem for a generation… and John Peel’s favourite song?… John Peel? The DJ…”

I had to search the CD collection without success and then download a 99p copy of that famous tune, just to emphasise exactly how brilliant it was.

I expect he shakes hands with everyone he meets and then they download one of his singles. That is why he looked so successful.

One Response to ““Teenage dreams, so hard to beat…””

  1. As one of the small percentage of musicians who has “recouped” he is probably doing rather nicely from it. Though I wonder if he got a licence payment or a sale payment from your 99p…

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