Sky lights again


Last time I wrote about the aurora borealis it was because I missed it. And so did most readers it appeared.

This time I’m ahead of the game. There is a good chance of seeing the aurora in the UK tonight apparently – if you have a clear sky and a clear view. Do let me know if you catch a glimpse of lights in the northern sky.

6 Responses to “Sky lights again”

  1. 1 Andy, Perth

    Same as you – ahead of the game so I was looking out for them on Friday night but it was a cloudy night here in Perthshire. Saturday night was clearer (and I was out and about) but no aurora at the times I was looking. Same last night, and no reports on the Scottish news, so I think it can`t have happened.

  2. 2 Graham

    I think Norwich is to far south for the magnetic magic but I looked anyway, Sunday was the only night clear enough but I saw nothing.

  3. Andy / Graham – When I looked it was cloudy, too. Oh well, there is always another time, we are promised plenty more solar storms.

  4. 4 Tina Gibbons, Norwich

    My top tip would be you need to get away from the light pollution. It’s no good looking out of the window of your house in the middle of a town, even late at night/in the early hours, and hoping you are going to see a magical aurora, you need to be right out in the sticks where it’s dark away from houses, cars, cloud cover and full moons….

    I just came back from Alta in Norway where on one of the two nights we saw amazing greens, all sizes and shapes, (the other night we drove around for five hours and saw nothing, just a hot choclate and frozen fingers, it was minus twenty five degrees), but we had to drive for forty five minutes away from the small town into the pitch dark… then your eyes take at least 15-30 minutes to grow accustomed to the dark so you can see the lights properly… only head lamps with red lights are recommended, as white light disrupts your night vision..

    even then they dont look like you see in the aurora photographs.. they are much get the aurora on camera you need to use a slow shutter speed of about 30 secs, a tripod is an absolute must and camera lense needs to be set on manual focus… then you will capture the aurora!

    Tina (aurora hunter devotee)

  5. 5 bootham100

    Alex, try this site – very useful

  6. 6 bootham100

    apologies, previous was a bad link, try this instead

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