Back again


Lying uncomfortably on my belly I consider the carpet closely. If I raise my head I can just about read the screen of my iPad on the floor in front of me, but no matter how hard I try, I can’t get my upper body on to my elbows so I can type on my laptop.

When my back is playing up I find that the most soothing position (the pain is all relative) is lying on my front or walking slowly on a flat surface. Neither position is good for working, so I have plenty of time to contemplate the poor engineering of the human spine while my deadlines whizz past unmet.

Usually I get backache when I have done something unwise like bend over to put my socks on 24 hours after lifting something heavy, or stoop to get some carrots out of the fridge. This time I just had a normal day, a restful night and then woke up crippled.

It must be my age.

Tomorrow I need to take the train to London to do some work. I do not fancy lying face down on the carriage floor, although I plan to travel off-peak so I might not get trodden on.

2 Responses to “Back again”

  1. Is there not an option of lying on the couch with your head and shoulders over the end and the ipad on the floor?
    For the train I would recommend the luggage ruck

    • Drew – good idea, but we don’t have a couch that would accommodate this position (due to arms at both ends). It would work on the bed, but the bedroom is too cold for comfort. I have to confess that I didn’t get the train after all and I went to the see a doctor instead. I now have some pills that make me very drowsy zzz.

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