What are you meant to do with unwanted kitchen knives?

I got fed up with risking my fingertips scrabbling around in the drawer to find one of the ‘good’ sharp knives, so I extracted all the kitchen knives that we don’t use. They are mostly quite sharp but of cheaper origin with blades that bend or handles that wobble.

I want to throw them away, but knives are dangerous and you can’t buy them in a shop unless you are a teenager with a fake i.d. It would be hazardous to take them to the dump because they might fall into the wrong hands, or more likely cut the fingers off the hands of the recycling operatives. I don’t want to put them in the wheelie bin for the same reason.

Near my place of work in London there is a school. Opposite the school entrance there is a secure “Knife Amnesty Bin”. This would seem a good place to deposit my dangerous cutlery, but would it be a sensible idea to take a bundle of knives in my bag on the train? What would happen if I got stopped and searched? (I haven’t been stopped and searched on the train in the last 23 years, but the train goes past the Olympic Park and there might be heightened security).

Do you have any suggestions for safe and ethical disposal of six sharp knives (for filleting, fish gutting, cheese slicing, paring, carving etc)?

2 Responses to “Knifeman”

  1. 1 Graham

    Take them to your local police station, they will be happy to make them safe.

  2. 2 Adele Chaplin

    Yep, Suffolk’s police stations all have said knife amnesty bins outside.

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