Like you I’m sure, I was delighted to read about the record sugar beet harvest this year. I knew it was going to be a good one. The beet in the field behind the house had lovely green tops and the roots were bursting out of the soil (I’m no expert, but that must be a good sign).

The local factories have produced 1.3 million tonnes of sugar.

That is a lot of sugar.

It is about 22 kg of sugar per person for everyone in the UK. The equivalent of about half a bag of sugar every week for each of us – not counting imported sugar.

Some people don’t eat that much sugar. Mrs R for example hardly eats any. So other people must be getting more than their fair share (I’ve just done a quick calculation and I think that perhaps I am eating her share).

By eating sugar that is produced in the UK we must be helping the economy. I shall start taking two spoonfuls in my tea.

One Response to “Sweet”

  1. I suspect I may be consuming a number of people’s supply. I shall not attempt to guess how many for fear my teeth may desert me in horror.

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