A whale of a time


Two birdwatchers have spotted a killer whale off the coast of Norfolk. This is unusual. They usually spot birds. There are no previous records of such a sighting. I imagine that the birdwatchers were disappointed that it was not a rare bird.

Killer whales, or orcas as they are called outside Norfolk, like to eat seals. There are lots of seals around the coast here at the moment.

As soon as I read about this I grabbed my camera and headed for the local beach. I was keen to grab an exclusive picture and to turn this into a world famous nature blog.

I spent an hour on the beach. There was a strong north-westerly breeze. It was very cold. I did not see an orca. I saw lots of seagulls. The birdwatchers would have been happy. I did not see any seals, which is unusual. This is perhaps because they have been eaten by the killer whale. Or perhaps because they are hiding in the sand dunes or amusement arcades.

Here is a photo. It shows the sea. There may or may not be a large killer whale just beneath the surface. I will never know.

Picture of North Sea with ship and underwater whale

Ship travelling downhill across orca infested sea

One Response to “A whale of a time”

  1. 1 ann

    I’m sure I can make out the Loch Ness Monster just under the waves.

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