Loving words


As Valentine’s day is approaching I thought I would share a couple of things which I have recently discovered you should not to say to your beloved.

1. “You won’t laugh because you haven’t got a sense of humour.”

This prompted the response: “I’ve just got a different sense of humour… so have the teenagers, which is why you don’t get it when we laugh at you.”

2. When commenting on her choice of nightwear during a spell of cold weather: “You look like a well-lagged hot water tank.”

This was meant in a kindly way, but it seemed to fail on many levels.

Would anyone else like to share any romantic exchanges that missed the mark?

One Response to “Loving words”

  1. 1 Amanda Humphreys

    It’s impressive you made it to that 25th anniversary. When I first met my beloved, he described me as “solid”. Us womenfolk are a forgiving bunch.

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