Door man


“Replacing a door is a project within the capabilities of most do-it-yourselfers…” was exactly what I was hoping to read when I clicked on the Google search result.

I wrote “replace back door” on my list of urgent household tasks last week, when I completed my work to adjust the base and edge of the exterior door to stop it sticking shut in wet weather. My enthusiastic use of a chisel and plane solved the stuck door problem, but may have caused other problems.

The web-site continued… “take care not to damage or disturb the door frame or trim…” I skimmed through the subsequent twenty-five paragraphs of detailed instructions. It seemed simple enough. In summary – take old door off, cut new door to same size as old door (a bit less perhaps, to avoid renewed sticking problem), screw old hinges to new door, fix new door in frame. I’m not sure why it needed so many words.

All I need to do now is find a new door. I have spotted an old metal and glass door in the front garden of a house down the road, but I’m not sure how I will cut it to the same size as the old door. I may have to look further afield.

7 Responses to “Door man”

  1. 1 Amanda Humphreys

    My advice is to not be too fussy re what doors, or run the run the risk of going the Swedish open look like our wardrobe doors…. replacing a door that protects you from the outside elements is a far greater motivator.

  2. 2 Andy F

    Hanging a door is one of the most difficult DIY tasks around. Unless you are an expert joiner, suggest getting in a carpenter to do the job, they have specialist tools to help them. Cutting a mortice for hinges and getting them square is nigh on impossible.

    • 3 Mike S

      I agree – as the old saying goes “A job worth doing, is a job worth paying a professional to do.”

      • 4 Andrew

        Agree with Andy F and Mike S … get a man in who knows how to hang doors.

  3. 5 Graham

    I wouldn’t put hanging a door under the heading of DIY, it’s a skill only a carpenter would have.

  4. 6 Mrs R

    Andy F, MIke S, Andrew and Graham – I am eternally grateful. If anyone else can enlighten Alex as to how to ring a professional and ask them to do a job I will be even more grateful.

    • 7 Andy F

      I can even give you a recommendation for a carpenter from Thorpe Marriot

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