Predictive text 2


Ten days after my start of year predictions I’m pleased to say that my track record is looking good…

Yes – people in England are discussing Scottish independence.

Yes – I have still not managed to get any tickets for the Olympics.

Yes – the high winds in southern England did make the news.

Yes – I have failed to keep my New Year resolutions.

But the washing line is still working perfectly (there was a slight scare last week, but it had just got snagged by a tree branch) and the Euro is holding up.

However, I’ve still got some way to go as a futurologist. Forget Nostradamus, the latest soothsayer to admire is John Elfreth Watkins who, in 1900, successfully predicted mobile telephones, digital photography, global networks, digital music downloads and ready meals amongst other things (as reported by the BBC).

Sadly his predictions that “a university education will be free to every man and woman” and that all our electricity needs would be met by hydro power were wrong. And he didn’t say anything about washing lines.

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