Font of all knowledge


I had to go out to a meeting and I was going to be late back, so I left the teenagers a note with instructions on what to eat (to minimise the risk of unrestricted fridge pillage).

I printed the note in bright red Comic Sans font because I knew that this would amuse and irritate teenage son. Since he started studying graphic design he has been particularly scathing about the inappropriate use of the Comic Sans font and the gratuitous use of colour in printed documents.  I have to respect his judgment on this because people now pay him to design documents and no one has ever paid me for my design skills or colour sense.

His judgment is backed up by a widespread body of internet opinion which opines that Comic Sans is fit for very little. It is certainly not considered fit for serious and important business communications.

Then I dashed off to my meeting. It had been billed as an important presentation on an important subject by an important representative from an important government department.

I was careful not to be late.

Moments before the presentation started I slipped into my seat and carefully picked up the printed copy of the powerpoint slides which had been placed there for my convenience.

The printed slides, topped with the logo of the important government department were all printed in… Comic Sans.

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