Working at heights


I lay awake in the dark listening to the wind twisting and shaking the TV aerial on its rickety pole attached to the chimney stack above the bedroom, expecting the whole structure to break and fall on to the car parked below. I decided that today I would decommission the redundant analogue signal receiving equipment.

This afternoon as darkness fell I enlisted a reluctant teenager to hold the ladder (“Hold it tight, put your weight on it!”) as I climbed on to the roof. I had two spanners, two pairs of pliers and a hacksaw in my pocket to impair my mobility. The roof tiles were slippery and it was blustery.

As I made the teetering step across the gap between the ladder and the sloping roof, teenage son, with one foot casually resting on the bottom rung, said: “I should be videoing this, so that I can put it on You Tube when you fall off.”

2 Responses to “Working at heights”

  1. 1 Fiona

    Love the fact he believes in your abilities – shown by the presumptive use of “when” rather than the potential which would be expressed by “if”.
    I am assuming from the fact that this post has been written that you were succesful and that we do need to go searching on Youtube for the aforementioned video?

  2. 2 Simon

    Good to see that you didn’t do a “Rod Hull”, otherwise your world could have ended in January.
    Happy New Year.

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