Predictive text


As Nostradamus probably said at the interview for his first apothecary job, “no one ever made a living by making predictions”.

Here are my predictions for 2012…

My continued failure to obtain any tickets for the Olympics will be partially mitigated by my eventual decision to buy a new TV in order to watch the Olympics, using the money I have saved by not buying any tickets.

When watching the Olympics on my new TV I will be irritated to see that a large number of spectators are enjoying corporate hospitality and are not really interested in the events in the stadium / pool / arena / velodrome.

The prospect of an independent Scotland will start to be discussed in England.

During the spring and summer, people will complain about the weather. There will be strong winds in southern England at some point and this will make the news.

The washing line will require emergency maintenance.

European leaders will continue to meet to work out what to do about debt and default in the Eurozone.

Somebody will launch a currency converter app which includes the drachma, lira and escudo.

I will not keep my new year resolutions.

If the Mayans are right, it will not matter whether I keep my resolutions.

The world will not end in December, for most people.

3 Responses to “Predictive text”

  1. 1 ann

    An independent Scotland is a great idea; they can fund their own broken bank. Should save us loads of money.

  2. I don’t think they want to be quite that independent…
    But it does give a fantastic example of the kinds of things that need to be considered

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