So here it is…


Merry Christmas!

I’ve finished work and I’m now fully employed on cleaning and catering duties for the next few days. There is no chance of being distracted by traditional Christmas TV and I have even sourced the Christmas tree successfully. The eldest daughters arrive home tomorrow, assuming that the trains run on time, so we should all be bickering around the table by Christmas Eve.

I hope that you have the chance to relax and take some time off over holiday period. I’d like to wish everyone a very happy Christmas and healthy and successful 2012!

6 Responses to “So here it is…”

  1. rude, im not coming home if you’re gonna bicker with me

  2. 3 Mike S

    Merry Christmas Alex! Thanks for keeping us entertained throughout the year.

  3. 4 Fiona

    Thanks for your blog – you always manage to find an interesting slant on the current interest of the day.
    Hope you and yours have a great time at Christmas and have a happy and prosperous New Year 🙂

  4. 5 Vicki H

    A belated Merry christmas to you and wishing you continued good cheer in the New Year…except where life presents moments of brief grumpiness and vexation as I do so enjoy the blog during those times….

  5. Thank you all. Happy New Year!

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