Carol swinging


Somehow I have agreed to play my saxophone at my local primary school on Friday. It is their Christmas assembly. I was asked to play a carol or two.

There are several reasons why I am worried about this:

1. Everyone knows the tune of Christmas carols. If I make a mistake it will be obvious.

2. I have almost never played my saxophone in front of an audience.

3. An audience of children aged 4 to 11 will have not be as subtle as adults. They are likely to put their hands over their ears if I play badly (adults do not put their hands over their ears – they purse their lips a bit and then laugh about you later).

4. I don’t have any music books with Christmas carols. I have had to borrow Mrs R’s book of oboe music. This will only work if there are no other musical instruments being played (saxophones are tuned in a different key from oboes, pianos, guitars etc).

5. I haven’t got time to practice.
Now I am urgently trying to find a book of jazz versions of familiar carols. Everyone expects you to play jazz on a sax. The great thing about jazz is that wrong notes and eccentric timing are often not noticed by the audience, especially if you look nonchalant.

2 Responses to “Carol swinging”

  1. 1 Sarah F $36 annual subscription amazing access to 1,000’s of arrangements for loads of instruments. Daughter number 1 uses it for clarinet

  2. 2 Steve M

    My good lady, another Mrs R, was invited to play saxophone at a friend’s wedding. After much difficulty in finding suitable music (Carole King’s “Will you love me tomorrow” and similar themed music being the most frequent arrangements available) she suggested they had a listen to the various options available. After the first song they proffered the opinion that the saxophone might be a little loud for the size of venue, and maybe another friend playing acoustic guitar might be more appropriate. One much relieved Mrs R could only agree.

    Best of luck with the Christmas music.

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