Mammoth task


I see that scientists are going to try to clone a woolly mammoth. Did anyone else immediately think “I wonder what it will taste like?”.

When they succeed please can I be the first person to draw a cave-painting-style picture of white coated men with test tubes, to go alongside the iconic stone age hunting scenes in the cave at Lascaux?

Here are the other things that I would like to see cloned:

–       Dodo

–       Sabre-toothed tiger

–       Any large dinosaur

–       Any small dinosaur

–       A neanderthal

–       Fyodor Dostoyevsky

–       Tarka (the family dog when I was at primary school, not the otter)

2 Responses to “Mammoth task”

  1. Clone me. So I can be in two places at one time.

  2. 2 Mike S

    In answer to your first question – errr…no……

    ….but yes, I’d love to see a Dodo cloned

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