Analogued out


The television age has ended. Our TV is a fully working anachronism. Technology has moved on and left it stranded like a costume drama on a Saturday evening. All the screen shows is a white noise blizzard on four channels. The big switch over has become the big switch off. Transmission ends.

Unless I buy a digibox,  which would rejuvenate the TV like a hip transplant. It would be able to function like it used to, but not as well as a younger model, and it might be sensitive to sudden movements.

I will consider entering the digital TV age when someone in the family wants to watch something. Meanwhile I will find out if I can stop paying my TV licence fee. I bet I can’t.

4 Responses to “Analogued out”

  1. 1 Fiona

    If you take all existing analogue televisions to the local recyling centre and do not possess any digital TV’s, nor any computers with the ability to accept a live streamed TV feed, then you have every right to cancel your TV licence.

    Should you have the capability of watch live streamed TV on a computer I am pretty sure that you need a licence. Sorry if this is not the info that you wanted to see. 😦

    I would expect however that if you cancel your TV licence the man in the van will be round faster than you can say “no TV” to double check that you are not diddling the system.

  2. 3 Graham

    You will also require a good signal from the aerial for the digibox to work correctly, I had to replace the aerial on my Mums house for hers to work.

    • Graham – that is just the sort of thing I expect… Get digibox…find aerial doesn’t work… get aerial… find cable needs replacing… replace cable… find TV needs replacing… etc

      All so that someone can watch the Downton Abbey Christmas special.

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