Where there’s muck…


The youngest teenager had a friend to stay. Apparently they had a good time. I don’t know what they got up to, but I have pieced together a small part of their weekend by analysing the mess left behind.

They decided to go out for a walk across the fields at some point during the weekend (door left unlocked). They came back with muddy feet (mud and leaves on carpet). When they took off their muddy shoes, one of them leant on the wall (muddy hand print on wall). They decided that their shoes were a bit too muddy and needed cleaning… in the bathroom (mud on toothbrush rack in bathroom). They cleaned mud off shoes using pieces of toilet paper (mud on toilet cistern and scattered on floor). They discarded muddy toilet paper in toilet and flushed it away (no sign of soluble toilet paper in toilet, but mud stuck at the bottom of the u-bend). They discovered that mud does not flush away very quickly (large quantity of mud remaining in toilet).

The story was very similar when elder teenager had five of his friends round for a “film night” a few weeks ago – more mud and footprints (why do they feel the need to walk across the fields, in the dark?). But on this occasion, being an older and more responsible teenager, he mobilised the vacuum cleaner and mop without parental intervention.

The good news is that I have discovered that mud does flush away eventually. The water flow carries away the clay particles first, leaving the heavier sandy particles and small pieces of flint and other heavy minerals. I am optimistic that soon all I will see is small grains of gold dust glittering at the bottom of the bowl. This is fortunate. The price of gold is very high. Perhaps I can fashion a small piece of jewellery for Mrs R.

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