Mole wrench


I bought some moleskin trousers. I figured that here was a chance to get my own back on the little blighters who persist in defacing my garden.

It turns out that moleskin trousers are made of cotton. Not mole. They are very cosy, but they are not going to strike fear into the animals that live under my shrubbery.

Moleskin is a word that joins all the other disappointing animal metaphors you can encounter in life. Haven’t we all found out that ideas which sound exciting and intriguing sometimes turn out to be less thrilling than the name suggest…?

Like hot dogs?… And a cat o’ nine tails… and a zebra crossing… and the eagerly awaited vaulting horse?

What was your most disappointing metaphor?

7 Responses to “Mole wrench”

  1. 1 Mike S

    Dolhpin-friendly tuna.
    I have it on good authority that tuna are not friendly to dolphins at all, regarding them as egotistical show-offs, what with all their looking so friendly and performing tricks.
    This causes the tuna to actively antagonise the dolphins, which, of course, they need like a hole-in-the-head…..

  2. 2 ann

    As a child I remember being intrigued by the ‘heavy plant crossing’ signs and frequently disappointed in not seeing a giant dandelion crossing the road.

    • 3 Steve M

      Ann. You’re going to be most disappointed by Foundry Garden centre’s wares should you respond to their advertising hoarding that announces their “Giant Plant Sale”.

  3. Not a disappointing metaphor but following on from Ann’s comment, I’ve almost persuaded my nieces and nephew that the Pedestrians in road (Adult & Child) road sign is actually sign meaning “Watch out for giants”.
    I’m looking forward to their inevitable disappointment. Either with the roadsign or their uncle…

    • 5 Fiona

      Drew – my sister is 5 foot 2, her husband is 6 foot 6. Thier eldest son when aged 3 spotted one while out with his father (known as Papa cos they are dutch) and said – Look, Papa and Mama !! 🙂 Suppose it really depends on your perspective what the signs mean

  4. 6 Graham

    “Straight from the horses mouth”.
    Never trust someone who thinks horses talk to them.

  5. 7 Derek Wright

    “A pig in a poke” is always disappointing.

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