Hair piece


I scanned the bathroom cupboard and added pomegranate shampoo to the end of my shopping list (cleaning products are at the end of my route through the store).

The pomegranate shampoo is not for making sure that exotic fruit are hygienic. It is for hair. The package says that the anti-oxidant qualities of the pomegranate are beneficial for your hair, or scalp, or something. I’m not convinced by this claim. Recently I didn’t wash my hair for two and a half years and there were no signs that the lack of regular anti-oxidants and detergent caused a problem. Possibly because I kept my hair short, so no part of it was ever more than a couple of months old (I started washing my hair again because I liked the feel of it and massaging your scalp with plain water is less satisfying than massaging with bubbly, fruit-scented lubricant.).

I can’t find any evidence that hair-washing with fruit has been a long tradition in human society. Pomegranates are mentioned in Greek mythology, but Persephone did not appear to use them for hair care. More recently I can find plenty of examples of fruit for shampoo online – strawberries, pomegranates, apples, lemon and cucumber are common. There are also some advocates of homemade fruit-based cosmetic products.

Is there anyone reading this who can recommend a recipe that will guarantee lustrous locks and offers the option of a healthy snack at the same time? I would be happy to experiment with an alternative scalp-massage lubricant.

8 Responses to “Hair piece”

  1. 1 Paul Smith

    Eggs (yolk) are a traditional treatment. MIx it with milk (another well known skin treatment – especially Asses) then you can wash your hair and make an omelette with the residue. Happy shower time!

  2. 3 Mike S

    Not a recipe – but a word of warning….
    I remember the days a few years ago, when alsmost all shampoo/skincare products advertised on TV we’re extolling the virtures of jojoba…

    Then I looked up jojoba on wikipedia and found this:-
    “In large quantities, the seed meal is toxic to many mammals, and the indigestible wax acts as a laxative in humans. The Seri, who utilize nearly every edible plant in their territory, do not regard the beans as real food and in the past ate it only in emergencies.”

    Perhaps that explains why it dropped out of fashion?

    • Presumably the name comes from the Seri… A Victorian naturalist transcribed incorrectly when he asked the tribe “What’s this called? Can you eat it?”…. “Ho, ho! Bah!”.

  3. I use a drop of jojoba on my earlobes every day, they’re stretched & jojoba keeps the lobes nice & moisturised.

    I’m not sure what to recommend on the hair care front. Isn’t beer supposed to be good for your locks?

    • I could have beer with my omelette…

      • 7 Steve M

        Is CAMRA missing an opportunity? I investigated every corner of the Norwich beer festival last night and could see no recommendation for use of beer as a shampoo.

        A passing glance into the family bathroom indicates that the youngest member of the household uses a product called “Bed Head”. Made with real beds?

  1. 1 Unbeerable « Alex’s Blog

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