Chilled out


I had my extended weekend all planned: a longish bike ride on Friday, some gadget shopping on Saturday morning, another bike ride if the weather was good and catching up with a bit of work in the car on Sunday whilst a teenager was at a sporting fixture.

It was not to be.

The trouble started on Thursday evening, when Mrs R. stepped into a cold bath. “The hot water isn’t working,” she told me without moving her gritted teeth.

So on Friday I didn’t get my bike ride. I was waiting in for the gas man. To his credit he managed to find the fault, source a spare part and return to fix the fault within a few hours. But still not enough time for a bike ride. Especially because I had to go and do a supermarket shop for the week’s provisions.

Never mind, I thought, I’ll be able to nip out on my bike on Saturday after going shopping.

The shopping was a success. I gave Mrs R. the slip when she went looking for some new trousers. The Apple Store welcomed me like its rich and foolish uncle.

When I got home the door of the fridge came off in my hand. Honestly, I was just opening it.

Really I should have heeded the warning signs about the fridge. The door had been making ominous groaning noises for months and I had remarked that it didn’t seem to be as high up the front as it used to be. As electrical appliances go, it had done well. It was older than the youngest teenager, it was covered in magnets spelling rude words and had been roughly treated by everyone for years. It was also full of a week’s provisions from my supermarket trip.

Mrs R. stepped in with an ingenious temporary solution that involved propping the door on a small skateboard, but this started rucking up the floor and we decided it wouldn’t be sufficient.

Suddenly it was important that I should acquire a new fridge urgently (all domestic responsibilities are now mine, as you know). I turned to the internet and found a selection of suitable fridges in a moment. But they all offered delivery times of 3 – 5 days… What is the point of e-commerce if you have to wait? I wanted one that I could download.

So I walked down the road to the friendly local electrical shop next to the opticians. Yes, they said when I told them what I wanted, we have a choice of two fridges – this one… and that one.

One of them was the same as the one I had selected online. When I told them that I could deliver it to myself, they gave me a 10% discount. Which made it cheaper than the online version.

I walked home and got the van. The two ladies in the shop helped me lift the fridge into the vehicle. Back home I enlisted teenager assistance and we had the fridge installed in the kitchen faster than you can navigate an online billing system. But still not fast enough to allow time for a bike ride before cooking the dinner.

So on Sunday I drove a 240 mile round trip to a sporting fixture and went for a brisk walk to compensate for two missed bike rides. This meant that I didn’t do all the work that I had planned… which is why I haven’t got time to write a long blog posting tonight.

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