Flight of fancy


I saw a poster advertising London Southend Airport. I’m glad that London has another airport. The announcement seemed to cause a lot less fuss than the extra runway at London Heathrow, or the extra runway at London Stansted.

Some arriving travellers may be a bit confused to find that the South end of London is actually due East of the capital. But not as confused as those who arrive at John Lennon Airport expecting a Beatle or Robin Hood Airport expecting a benevolent outlaw dressed in Lincoln green.

The ever-increasing demand for air traffic capacity in the south east of England must bode well for Norwich. It can only be a matter of time before I see a poster advertising London Norwich Airport… “London Norwich Airport is situated just 100 miles from Trafalgar Square, almost adjacent to the Olympic Park. Modern high speed trains will whisk you into the metropolis is just 120 minutes. The airport station is a short 25 minute bus ride from Arrivals terminal.”

5 Responses to “Flight of fancy”

  1. I think you may have just written their press release for them…

  2. 3 Eddie Woz

    But isn’t that the basis already used by Ryanair for flying to various European destinations?

    • Eddie – Yes. I expect that Ryanair already fly to Norwich Southend Airport. That would explain the number of tourists in the city.

  3. The competition is heating up… London Oxford Airport (http://www.oxfordairport.co.uk/) – where you can go to Jersey, if it’s summer.

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