“Let’s use Twitter,” I suggested, as we discussed how to reach some potential customers to help test our prototype system.

I am always keen to demonstrate to my various employers that I am in touch with cutting edge social networks and modern marketing methods.

“If we say what we want and make it cool, people will retweet it. In a couple of hours we will have reached thousands of likely candidates…”

We spent some time drafting our 140 character invitation. We agreed that we could abbreviate London to LDN and people would know what we meant. Then we tweeted.

Within an hour our message had been retweeted to over 1,000 people… I adopted a nonchalant air.

24 hours later we had received one solitary response. It was from another company and used our message to promote their competing product.

Perhaps Twitter is not as good as I thought.

One Response to “Twit”

  1. 1 Steve M

    The law of unintended consequences strikes again. 😦

    (The smiley being my way of showing i’m “down with the kids”).

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