Once upon a time Mrs R. or I used to go to the bank to get pound coins for the children’s bus fares, because scrabbling around to find the right change at 7am was just a pain.

These days I get pound coins from the payment machines at car parks, because I never have the right change and usually only have a £20 note. When the machine clunks out 14 pound coins I feel as if I have won something. Sometimes, like today, I get 28 50p pieces instead of pound coins, which is a bit embarrassing when there is a queue. This is less embarrassing than getting 70 20p pieces, although that would make the station car park seem a bit more like Las Vegas.

One Response to “Jackpot”

  1. 1 Mrs R

    I would question your use of ‘Mrs R or I’ in this context. In particular the ‘or I’ part.

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