Muddy waters


“Yes, I can fix that,” said the plumber, “it will only take half an hour and you’ll get change from fifty quid.”

Then I woke up.

Why does every plumber who I’ve called upon to do some essential maintenance (a.k.a. damage limitation) always say something like; “ Pfff… I don’t know who put this in, but that’s not how I would have done it. It’s going to be tricky to fix… Have you got a credit card? Or can you remortgage?”

On a related note: elder daughter went to Latitude as a paid performer, youngest daughter went as a paying customer. The net financial benefit to the family was about zero. Plus all that mud can easily block the washing machine waste pipe.

2 Responses to “Muddy waters”

  1. 1 Fiona

    You need to get your kids to become friends with
    a) a plumber – preferably Gas registered
    b) an electrician
    c) a washing machine / tumble drier repair man
    d) a painter / decorator

    That way if they stay at your house over night a couple of times and you give them the odd cooked breakfast you can get the appropriate items fixed for the cost of the parts – and they will use thier contacts to get trade discount.

    Only problem is that when it is a homer the unrgency to actually do the job disappears – hence why the top of the cistern in the family bathroom has been off since the connection from the handle to the flush mechanism broke during a party on 1st July.

    Must put “hassle kids mate” on the to do list as an ASAP 🙂

  2. I would suggest that a washing-line repair man should also be on your list Fiona, but that would be churlish…

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