The phone hacking outrage makes me wonder who leaves messages which are more interesting than…

“Oh… Hi, it’s [common name – you know at least 3 people called this]… um… I wanted to speak to you [obviously!]… but you’re not there [really?!]… please call me back [no number given]…”

I hardly ever get a message which would help sell a newspaper, or even interest a very nosy person. In fact the most interesting messages I get are accidental – when someone’s phone rings me from their pocket or their bag.

I have had several three minute messages consisting of the noise you would hear if you were in someone’s pocket while they were walking down the street. And I once had a tantalising message from a couple bickering in a car with the sat nav calmly giving directions in the background.

Of course it is possible that all my exciting messages are deleted by journalists before I have listened to them. So please email me, rather than call, if you are hoping to cause a scandal.

2 Responses to “Hello…?”

  1. Hmmm, very good point. I think all my messages are variants of “Hi, it’s me, um, I’ll call you later, bye!”
    Hack away journalistas, hack away…

  2. 2 Fiona

    I very rarely leave voice mails now cos my kids wont pick them up cos it costs them money!! (they are on pay as you go so dont get free access to voicemail) if I cant get through on a call I just text them why I called and am much more likely to get a quick response. Much harder to hack texts I believe

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