Skills development


My status as the family technology expert is crumbling. I have slipped to third place in the hierarchy of fancy hi-tech gadget ownership. First I was overtaken by Mrs R’s phone and now teenage son has captured pole position with a sparkling new toy, partly funded by his burgeoning online design and advertising enterprises (this may also cast doubt on my claim to be the family business expert).

I’d like to re-establish my family guru status. I’m contemplating moving into applications development. My plan is to develop some covetable apps, which other members of the family will buy unwittingly (I will use an alias). When they are delighted with the functionality I will reveal my true genius.

I’ve found the perfect place to learn all the modern techniques of IT development and design. Great value too.

[Transparency clause: I have been helping develop the National Skills Academy for IT over the last 18 months, but I’m not rewarded for promoting it in this blog. I just think that it is good.]


6 Responses to “Skills development”

  1. 1 Eddie Woz

    I suppose Mrs R will read this posting, forget what she has read, and then unwittingly buy the app? Eh? I DON’T THINK SO.

    • 2 Fiona

      Ah but Mrs R wont know that the app was built by Alex until he reveals his true evil genius at a time of his preference. Until then the app could have been built by any Tom, Dick or Harry

  2. 3 Eddie Woz

    It’ll be obvious to her from the subject matter. It will be an app that assists with disposal of pigeon corpses, affixing washing lines, outside painting in bad weather etc.etc.

  3. I think Eddie may have a point there…

  4. 5 Fiona

    Drew, I am not so convinced by Eddie’s argument. With the subjects of those apps it is more likely that Mrs R would suggest that Alex buy his own app. Given Alex knows which apps he wrote I would expect him to resist the request – although this may of course back fire as he then has to own up to Mrs R as to why he is not purchasing such useful information

  5. Thanks everyone. I suspect that whatever I do will not succeed. Mrs R never ‘unwittingly’ buys anything. I think I’m the one who sometimes suffers from a loss of wit with my purchasing.

    Maybe I’ll write an app that involves launching spiky plant heads at pigs. I could call it “Angry Burrs”.

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