Square eyes


I am worried about my TV viewing habits. I can’t remember the last time that I sat down to watch television for entertainment or information. We only receive 5 channels on our soon-to-be-obsolete TV set. I am worried that I am getting out of touch.

Mrs R and I sometimes sit down to watch a DVD together, on a laptop (we don’t have a DVD player attached to the TV – although the teenagers do something with the playstation which allows DVD viewing). And I look at the news online every day. But I hardly ever watch a broadcast TV programme… and I don’t feel as if I am missing anything.

Is this normal for the 21st Century? Does anyone watch TV without a particular purpose any more, or is broadcast television only worth watching for live sporting events and royal weddings?

What are your viewing habits? Please click one of the answers in the online poll below. Let’s see what ‘normal’ looks like.

7 Responses to “Square eyes”

  1. I find I don’t watch an awful lot of TV, only when I see something that really interests me will I sit down and watch. So recently I’ve been watching Paul Merton on the birth of Hollywood. The Faulks on fiction was another example of something which really caught my interest, I can’t be doing with miserable soaps and reality TV.

  2. 2 Fiona

    The TV is on in my living room for a large part of the vening, however since it is invariably showing a music channel then it is almost used as a large music player rather than a television. I have a Sky+ box so tend to record the films that I want to watch and replay them while doing the ironing or when i just want to sit and veg.

  3. The only thing worth watching is Waterloo Road. If you would prefer I can call every Wednesday at 8 and give you a blow by blow account. Just had Sambuca’s memorial which was heaps sad and thingy’s wife has left so we’re gonna see way more disgusting flirting from Mrs Fisher no doubt. Denzel is still on gr8 form, such loyalty to his sister!

  4. 4 Camilla

    I think your question perhaps should be “how often do you watch _live_ TV”. We have a PVR which makes it very easy to timeshift programmes by hours or weeks if required. I think my answer to this would fall somewhere between Almost every day, unless I’m really busy and Less than twice a week. The last live thing I was watched was Coast on the Netherlands. But if I’m away sailing I don’t watch live TV at all and don’t really notice it’s gone. We do watch quite a few DVDs both at home and on the boat.

  5. Don’t watch much TV at all, the news if I haven’t had access to the web, occasional documentaries and, of course, David Attenborough!

  6. 6 NumberN

    – Once every four years, for the final of the football WorldCup.
    – Upon major occasions, the last one being WTC Sept 11th.

  7. My husband and I haven’t had broadcast TV reception at home for just over 6 years – I wrote about this almost exactly a year ago, and my feelings haven’t changed at all


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