Keeping abreast


I am a mammal. So are you if you are reading this, unless you are a particularly intelligent cephalopod with internet access (If you are a cephalopod please leave a comment and I will try to write a few postings more appropriate to your lifestyle).

As a mammal I am pleased to be celebrating National Breastfeeding Week in the UK… I don’t actually have any special plans for this celebration, but I fully support any mother’s right to feed her baby whilst reading this blog. There are very few sights more calming than a well-fed baby contentedly asleep and I’m glad that I can help encourage this.

Next week could be National Insect Week. There is already a bit of a buzz about it.

3 Responses to “Keeping abreast”

  1. Hmm, all of my interesting factoids about cephalopods appear to be completely unsuitable for transformation into a witty one-liner. How disappointing.

  2. 2 Gllobablop

    Bbbbllliiib ?? Blop blop blup blip ! Gggbblooobbobob ! Glablob glablob ?

    • Ah. A cephalopod. I will plan some postings involving fish, molluscs and crustacea. You might find these to your taste.

      PS I bet you are really quick on an iPad with those tentacles.

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