Virgin thoughts


I’m pleased that my teenage children read the newspaper. We receive a ‘serious’ newspaper every day. This means that they are not brainwashed by celebrity tittle-tattle and internet fabrications.

There was an interview with Richard Branson in the paper at the weekend.

“Dad, why can’t you be more like Richard Branson?” Asked my youngest at dinner.

“Yeah, I wish you were like Richard Branson,” said my son. “He’s cool.”

I paused and pondered the hundreds of reasons why I am not more like Richard Branson.

“What is it about Richard Branson that you like?” I asked, constructively.

“He’s got an airline!”

“He’s a multi-millionaire!”

“He went on his son’s gap year…”

“He does cool things!”

After dinner I read the interview. Branson is nearly twenty years older than me. There is still time.

Later I went out to water the vegetables. The sun was setting across the fields. A robin was singing in the lime tree. My lettuces are looking magnificent. I was glad not to be like Richard B.

3 Responses to “Virgin thoughts”

  1. 1 Ben

    Ah but does he do this…….

    I was sitting in the reception area of a large global organisation today waitng to meet someone. I glanced away from the large flat screen TV which had been proving hard to ignore. As I looked away my eyes fell on a plaque…..’This building was opened by ALEX OUTSIDE, Chief Information Officer’

    I was just happy that I know someone who opens buildings.

    To be fair, RB probably does open buildings too, but at least that means you can say you ARE like him.

  2. 2 Eddie Woz

    to be honest, sporting a goatee probably wouldn’t suit you

    • Eddie – that’s sort of what Mrs R said when I tried to curtail my shaving practices. Only she was more direct.

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