Fool tank


Necessity is the mother of invention. I stopped the diesel leaking from the fuel tank of my old car by siphoning out the fuel with a cunning homemade device which prevented me from sucking out a mouthful of the stuff. This is probably the most practical way in which I have benefited from O-level Physics.

I then had to decant three bucketfuls of fairly clean diesel into the fuel tank of the other car, via a plastic ice cream tub and a plastic petrol can. It was a feast of hydrocarbon-centred ingenuity.

The fuel tank (or fool tank as we say in Norfolk) in the old car has stopped dripping. This is because it is empty, which means that I can not drive the car anywhere. So the problem has not really been solved. Just deferred until I have another burst of engineering creativity (I also know enough Chemistry to judge that it might be unwise to try welding a patch on the empty fuel tank before the fumes have dispersed…).

4 Responses to “Fool tank”

  1. 1 Mike S

    Perhaps once you’ve sorted your car out, you could use your new found skills and make a start on some of Norfolk’s buses. It’s amazing how much diesel they leave along the road, as can be seen any time it’s wet. Still – it makes the cycle ride to work more exciting….

  2. 3 Paul Smith

    Chemical Metal – MAGIC

    • Thanks Paul – I just looked it up. It sounds as if it may be worth a try. First I’ve got to get the tank off and see where the hole is. That shouldn’t be difficult… 🙂

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