Fair weather ends


It’s not really important, but for the sake of historical record I’d like to say: “it rained today”. It was the first decent rain since 26th March. My lettuces, carrots, beans and spinach were delighted. Elsewhere in Norfolk children were looking at the sky with their mouths open and farmers were dancing with delight, sardonically.

Mrs R said: “bloody gardeners, always wishing it would rain”.

3 Responses to “Fair weather ends”

  1. 1 Steve M

    And about time,too. The water butts will be replenished, rainwater being vital when you grow a lot of acid loving plants in a hard-water area, the lawn will return to a more pleasant green colour and the plants will be more lush.

    I will be bearing that in mind as I get drenched riding around Scotland on my motorbike.

    • Steve – I guessed that you would be pleased! 🙂

      • 3 Steve M

        I can report good news for Scottish gardeners. It rained quite a lot in Scotland last week. Just a shame that not so much reached Norfolk, with only one of our water butts being fully replenished as a result of the brief rainfall at the start of the week. Maybe today’s rainfall will make a difference.

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