Fair weather friends


On Facebook I have discovered that I could ‘like’ or even become a ‘friend’ of the following:

  • The manufacturer of my car
  • My favourite breakfast cereal
  • The company which made my toilet bowl
  • My gas supplier
  • My electricity supplier
  • A ‘male 27 Kansas’
  • Many books I have bought
  • and Pampers nappies (in multiple languages).

However, 3 of my 4 children will not accept my friend request.

I think that social networking is losing touch with its roots.

One Response to “Fair weather friends”

  1. 1 Andy F

    I thought the only reason for joining facebook was to keep an eye on your kids and see what they are up to. The trouble is you then start asking questions of them on how to do things, like block the drivel some people generate and before you know it you’re on facebook every day.

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