Because the world did not end on Saturday, and I because I didn’t get round to betting all my money on the world not ending (I knew I couldn’t lose on that one), I had to resume my house maintenance chores today.

I found out that it is not really worth the effort to paint exterior woodwork in a high wind.

I didn’t have any trouble on top of the ladder in the blustery conditions. I didn’t let droplets of paint get blown into conspicuous places. I didn’t drop the paintbrush or tin of paint.

After I had finished for the day I had a cup of tea. When I went out again to inspect (and even admire) my handiwork, I found that the fresh white paint was speckled with grit and small pieces of vegetation.

It will need rubbing down and re-painting. The job will never end. How they manage the Forth Bridge, I’ve no idea.

2 Responses to “Sisyphus”

  1. 1 Mike S

    You need to get some of their special paint…..this time next year, they’ll be off on a 25 year break.

  2. 2 Graham

    Look at it as a rolling refresh, it then sounds like a good thing.

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