Qualified teacher?


The driving lessons continue – eating into valuable blogging time. There was a slight hiccup this evening when the car wouldn’t start again after one particularly vigorous stall. But it corrected itself eventually.

There are some professional lessons booked for half-term. Mrs R told me that I shouldn’t teach him too much before then because “he’ll learn all your bad habits…”.


6 Responses to “Qualified teacher?”

  1. 1 Andrew S

    I can sympathise with you Alex. For those of us who have been driving for a while, teaching your 17 year old son/daughter is an interesting challenge, especially once they start having ‘proper’ lessons. These days they teach them strange behaviours such as not changing down gear as you approach a junction and not indicating to overtake a cyclist/parked car. Standards are slipping!

    • 2 Steve M

      Andrew. That’s interesting.

      If you take an advanced training qualification, either Institute of Advanced Motorists or RoSPA, you will find that approach advised by them, too. When I was an observer for the IAM, I always recommended that the associate should consider whether an indication should be given, or whether a block gear change was right for the circumstances. I’m not convinced that never indicating to overtake a parked car / cyclist, for example, is the right thing to do. It makes for half-hearted or lazy planning and makes lots of assumptions about the abilities of the road users around you, which could lead to more excitement than a well planned approach to roadcraft would.

  2. It’s not so long since I did my driving test (lot longer for the motorbike) but I was taught to indicate whenever I was changing my position in the road; which would definitely include overtaking cyclists and parked cars.
    Might be a step towards explaining why some people don’t seem to indicate at all anymore…

    • Drew – I guess that includes indicating before you slide your car into the ditch…? 🙂

      • Well, for a maneouvre such as that one mere indicating wouldn’t have been enough. The appropriate signal is to make a large circular movement with your headlights, best achieved by parking the vehicle on its roof.

  3. 6 Amanda

    He should be grateful you’re not from some of the Asian countries we’ve been lucky enough to survive a car-ride in. There’s no such thing as indicating. In fact, it seems watching the road is not a requirement. That said, he’d probably have passed by now.

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