Empty gestures


Does anyone actually put gloves in the glove compartment of their car? I’ve noticed that most motorists don’t wear gloves when they drive, unless they are in a race.

And why do people use a gesture which mimes using a hand-cranked movie camera to show that they are referring to a film when they are playing charades.

The hand-cranked movie camera gesture, the little finger and thumb gesture to indicate a telephone and the air-scribble to ask for the bill in a restaurant are all obsolete anachronisms.

The gesture to indicate filming or video should be a mobile phone held aloft. The gesture to indicate a phone should be a mobile phone held aloft. The air scribble in the restaurant should be a PIN and chip machine held aloft…

In fact all gestures can be replaced with a single universal hand-held digital device gesture.

And the glove box in the car can be renamed ‘phone box’ because that is where you can keep your phone/sat nav/iPod when you want them out of sight… Which is appropriate because the things we used to call phone boxes are mostly obsolete anachronisms. We could use them for storing gloves.

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